One Super Easy Way to Improve Your Marketing 15th Dec 2021

If your marketing strategy is not performing the way you want it to, the problem might be simple.   You might be spotlighting your business instead of the customer.   And why would that be a problem? It’s you you’re trying to sell, after all. Doesn’t the buyer want to learn about you?   Sure. But not as much as they want to feel seen and understood. And creating a marketing message that does that is easier than it sounds.   I’m going to break down: Why a client-centered approach to market... Read more

6 Steps for Building a Purpose-Driven Marketing Strategy 8th Dec 2021

You need a marketing strategy designed around your mission and values.    As consumers, we imagine ourselves to be logical decision-makers. We believe we care about practical things like budgets and product quality. And sure. We kind of do.    And yet…   It’s “Just Do It,” not “Our shoes are breathable with a lot of cushioned support!”   It’s “Think Different,” not “The most technologically advanced computers you’ll find!”   I... Read more

The ONE Goal Every Business Owner Should Have for 2022 2nd Dec 2021

No matter where you are in your journey of business growth, there is one thing that must be a top priority for you in 2022.   Technology.   Every single one of us has to work diligently to learn, understand, and apply new technology to our systems of operation and communication.   This is non-negotiable, especially within the home services industry.    Many home services business owners are way behind the curve when it comes to tech. Ours is an industry where entrepreneurs cling to traditional ways of doing bu... Read more

5 Reasons to Make Gratitude Part of Your Business Growth Strategy 23rd Nov 2021

  I believe every entrepreneur can benefit massively from having a gratitude practice. Or—as I call it for myself—a practice of appreciation.   “Gratitude” is something of a buzzword in our culture. And I think in all the buzz, some business owners miss its true value. They think of a gratitude practice as a habit of just listing blessings. That’s why I think it can be helpful to think more in terms of appreciation.   My daily practice of appreciation involves spending three minutes before I g... Read more

5 Mindset Shifts to Improve Your Leadership Skills 17th Nov 2021

  Leadership skills begin within.    That might sound cheesy if you’re not the look-within type. But it’s no less true.   The stories we tell ourselves about our reality influence the choices we make and the way we communicate with our team. If you perceive something as a disaster, you’ll treat it like a disaster. And your team will respond with fear, anxiety, or distraction.   On the other hand, if you perceive the same situation as an opportunity for growth, your team will be right there wit... Read more

Are You Standing in the Way of Your Own Business Growth? 11th Nov 2021

Now is the time when business owners start taking stock of how far they’ve come and start setting new goals for a new year.   It’s also a time when a lot of entrepreneurs make plans to abandon their hard-earned success to chase something less promising.   They don’t mean to do it. They just don’t realize they’re doing it. But it happens. A lot. I’ve done it myself. And it’s entirely possible you’re about to make the same mistake.   Before you dismiss this theory, ask yoursel... Read more