9 Daily Habits for Success that Take 5 Minutes or Less 29th Sep 2021

  You already know all the key habits for success, right?   You have to read up on your industry for at least an hour a day. You need a committed workout routine. You should be making x number of cold calls, attending x number of conventions, and making time to inspire your employees to become leaders.   Right?   First of all: yes to all of this. All the things I mentioned above are extremely valuable to your productivity and long-term success.   But it’s also overwhelming to think about these things wh... Read more

The 4 Lies That Hold You Back from Business Success 22nd Sep 2021

If you want to achieve business success, you have to stop lying to yourself.    To be clear: we all lie to ourselves. It’s not just you. It’s just a function of your brain, and it’s a function that exists for your survival.   When you experience pain, your brain needs to make sense of it so it knows how to avoid that pain in the future.   The first time you burned your mouth on soup, for example, your mind immediately created an explanation. “Soup burns if you eat it the moment it comes off th... Read more

Clear the Fog: How to Make Sure Your Business Plan Succeeds 14th Sep 2021

There are a lot of reasons a business owner might be struggling to meet their revenue goals.   They could have a weak marketing strategy. They could be suffering from low morale and an unmotivated team. Maybe they’re failing to adopt new technology and are falling behind the competition as a result.   Maybe. I’ve seen entrepreneurs struggle with all these issues.   But most of the time, when a business owner reaches out to me to talk through a disappointing quarter or the loss of a huge project, the problem is... Read more

9 Immediate Benefits of Owning a Business 3rd Sep 2021

When we hear about the benefits of owning a business, we often hear about those perks that don’t kick for a few years...   ...like the month-long European vacation and the second home in Malibu.   These dreams of wealth and freedom are typically discussed as a reminder of why the struggle is worth it… why we sacrifice sleep and freedom now. It’s like that famous saying:   “Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won’t so you can spend the rest of your life like m... Read more

How To Build Good Habits That Actually Stick 27th Aug 2021

When you build good habits, you build a strong business.   Every entrepreneur knows this.   Habits are powerful because they’re easy. The entire point of a habit is that it’s something you do automatically. You don’t think about it. You don’t get caught up on whether or not you’re in the mood or in the right headspace. You just do it.   Now, imagine having this kind of relationship with the types of actions that can move your business forward.   Imagine if you automatically started eac... Read more

The ONE Management Style That Makes Everybody Happy 20th Aug 2021

  All discussions about management style basically come down to one essential question:   How much oversight is too much oversight?   Most of us know “micromanaging” is a bad thing. We know that employees’ spirits are crushed under the weight of our constant observation, constant interfering, and constant questioning.   On the other hand, we do need to know what’s going on in our business. Are all team members meeting their targets? Do they understand what’s been asked of them? Is their... Read more