We started from no where and build a great business and now we want to share our exprience

We started from no where and build a great business and now we want to share our exprience

Idan Shpizear

Idan Shpizear is the founder and CEO of 911 Restoration, a disaster restoration franchise ranked among the top franchises in the United States by Entrepreneur. In addition to running one of the fastest growing franchises in the country, he is a sought-after speaker and a thought leader in business and marketing innovations.

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Idan is a true “coming to America” success story. The son of an Israeli farmer, Idan’s business journey began when he moved to the United States after completing his service in the military. He took a job at a carpet cleaning company, then took over ownership of that same company only one year later. At the time, Idan had only an $800 Volvo, one carpet cleaning machine, and a two-bedroom apartment he shared with four other guys. But through perseverance, ingenuity, and good business sense, he grew his humble company into the full-service restoration business now known coast-to-coast as 911 Restoration. Today, his company’s famous orange trucks can be found parked outside homes and businesses all across America.

As 911 Restoration has grown, Idan has continued to expand his own skill set. He is driven by a passion for problem-solving and innovation. This passion led to the founding of his lead generation company, Milestone SEO, as well as Gazingle, a cutting-edge CRM platform that streamlines complicated processes to help businesses in the home service industry work more efficiently.

Today, Idan continues to push for innovation within his own company and among the companies he mentors. Never forgetting his own humble beginnings, he eagerly shares his hard-earned understanding of what it takes to make the move from tradesperson to successful entrepreneur. As a speaker and author, he guides the way toward finding purpose, success, and joy through ongoing growth and strategic action.

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Our story

For us, Get Out of the Truck is more than another industry innovation. Having benefited from the mentorship and guidance of those who came before us, this system is our opportunity to pay it forward, investing our hard-earned expertise back into the community we love.
The story of Get Out of the Truck begins with two guys, a carpet cleaning machine, and a Volvo. That was all Idan Shpizear had to work with when he made the transition from employee to business owner. Idan quickly discovered that running a company required a completely different mindset and approach. He gave everything he had to the mission of growing his business, eventually expanding services to include full-service property restoration for fire, water, and mold damage. He spent 10,000 hours learning online marketing techniques, and within 18 months, his brand had grown from $15,000 a month to $150,000 a month in sales.

This rapid success allowed Idan to invest further in building a powerhouse team. He established a company culture that emphasized creativity, empathy, excellence, and continuous personal and professional development. By embracing these values, the 911 Restoration team not only expanded into a nationwide franchise, but they also built new enterprises. Having designed their own unique tools for business management, reporting, business development, and sales, Idan’s staff repurposed those innovations in the form of Gazingle, a CRM system that now streamlines workflow for home services businesses across the country.

Beyond business tools, Idan Shpizear is fast emerging as a thought leader in the realm of entrepreneurship and restoration management. He and Miri have supported and worked with literally thousands of business owners, guiding them through the growing pains that come with building a business and helping them turn today’s challenges into an opportunity for transformation.

Now, Idan and his team have combined all these tools, services, and insights into a comprehensive system designed to help business owners from all backgrounds and experience levels find the exact support they need . . . all in one place.

Why we do it

After investing years of hard work into personal and professional growth, Idan and his team have built that tiny carpet cleaning business into 911 Restoration, one of the fastest growing franchises in the U.S. They have also used their hard-earned expertise to create a marketing company and build their own CRM, Gazingle. Now we want to share these resources with other business owners in the home services industry. Idan built 911 Restoration on the belief that we owe it to one another to share insight and inspire growth. Get Out of the Truck is our contribution to that mission — a professional development system designed by someone who knows your struggle inside and out.