A Fresh Start

We believe every challenge is an opportunity to learn, grow, and create a new beginning for ourselves and for others. When we provide tools, resources, and guidance for business owners, we are working towards one central mission:

When we provide tools, resources, and guidance for business owners, we are working towards one central mission: Helping small business owners create a Fresh Start for themselves and empowering them to be the Fresh Start for others.
Whether your version of a Fresh Start involves building a professional empire or you just want a career that gives you the resources to support your family and the flexibility to enjoy a full life, we are here to help.

01 Attitude

Everyone deserves the fresh start. We believe that everyone can change the world, make a difference, and have a better future. We do not think of ourselves as a restoration company, we think of ourselves as difference makers.

02 Mission

Our mission is to built a Fresh Start Culture that provides people with the highest customer experience and a better future.

03 Principles

  • Be the difference
  • Be the new eyes that look at old problems
  • Be the positive in every negative
  • Be respectful to everyone
  • Be grateful and humble
  • Be a leader through support
  • Be the change in the world by changing yourself
  • Be healthy
  • Be bold, do something new
  • Be here tomorrow to do it all over again

The Origin of the Fresh Start Philosophy

Idan Shpizear
The founder of Get Out of the Truck and 911 Restoration (ranked among the top franchises in the United States by Entrepreneur)
Get Out of the Truck founder Idan Shpizear first put his Fresh Start perspective to work in the world through his company, 911 Restoration. He and his team have long been dedicated to turning property disasters into new beginnings for devastated home and business owners.
When 911 Restoration began franchising, Idan built a system of franchise support based on the Fresh Start philosophy. He and his team asked what it would take to make sure each franchisee had all the tools necessary to create a bright future for themselves. Today, 911 Restoration franchise owners across the country have grown their businesses and renewed their lives with the help of comprehensive support and their own commitment to growth.

The most exciting part?

When each franchise owner creates their own Fresh Start, they inevitably help someone else begin a journey of transformation… whether that person is a customer, a family member, or an employee.
Now, we’re taking the Fresh Start vision one step further with Get Out of the Truck. Our goal is to help all small business owners turn personal and professional hurdles into learning and growth opportunities. We want to help you see the potential in the problem, the dream in the disaster. Above all, our mission is to help you design the life that was meant for you so you can Be the Fresh Start for others.