9 Things You’ve Got To Let Go Of Before Starting A Business 1st Jun 2022

  To be human is to struggle. Not always, but often enough that we subconsciously develop clever little mechanisms to ease the struggle.   We develop belief systems that help us avoid admitting our own shortcomings. We make choices that are based purely on pain avoidance. We even run from likely success to escape the less likely risk of failure.   In other words, we pick up a bunch of crappy habits that won’t serve us as business owners.   Here are nine attitudes, habits, and perspectives you’ve got to l... Read more

How to Massively Increase Revenue Without Increasing Costs 25th May 2022

Want to know the easiest, most effective way to scale your business?   It’s so simple, but a surprising number of business owners aren’t doing it.   You’ve got to establish referral partnerships.   A referral partnership is a partnership between you and a professional in a related field. The nature of the partnership is simple: they refer clients to you and you refer clients to them.   This doesn’t even have to be an official relationship. You can do it without commitments or contracts. You... Read more

How to Hire the Best Candidate Every Single Time 19th May 2022

  When you know how to hire the best candidate for your business, you hold the key to a smoother day-to-day and faster growth.   The people you employ have the power to either accelerate your success or stall progress. They influence everything from team morale and productivity to innovation and customer service.   A great hire is a huge win for revenue. The costs of a bad hire are incalculable.   You know all this, though, right? That’s why you—like millions of other business owners—are eager to l... Read more

How to Win: Jumpstart a Cycle of Business Success 12th May 2022

  Despite what you may have been told, winning is everything.   Don’t get me wrong: we do learn a lot by losing. It’s also true that nobody succeeds without failing. Look at any billionaire’s professional past—even their present—and you’ll see mountains of failure.   So, yes, missteps and tough lessons are important.   But while a loss educates you, a win energizes you. It widens your sense of possibility and helps you launch into the next challenge with courage and positivity. &... Read more

How to Sell with Conviction and Massively Increase Revenue 5th May 2022

  I cannot believe this is my first post on how to get better at sales.   This topic comes up constantly in my work with home services business owners. People in our field often come to entrepreneurship through their experience with the trade. No one taught us how to be business people.   We were taught how to do quality work and serve our neighbors.   A lot of the business owners I work with associate sales with greed or deception. It feels slimy to them.   And while this feeling is incredibly common in our... Read more

12 Ways to Unlock New Opportunities for Your Business 28th Apr 2022

It’s so easy to find new opportunities to innovate, connect with buyers, and increase revenue.   Easier than you probably realize.Sometimes it can feel like the whole world is working against you. But here’s the truth:   You are constantly drowning in opportunities.   They’re everywhere.   And you might hate what I’m about to say, but I strongly encourage you to just entertain this idea, at least for the length of this article.   If you want to find new opportunities to grow your busi... Read more