Choosing a business partner is a critical decision for any entrepreneur. 21st Feb 2023

Choosing a business partner is a critical decision for any entrepreneur. Here are some factors that two co-founders can consider to assess if they are a good match to build a business together: Shared vision: Both co-founders should share a common vision for the business, and agree on the long-term goals and objectives they want to achieve. They should have a shared sense of purpose, passion, and enthusiasm for the business idea. Complementary skills: Each co-founder should bring complementary skills and expertise to the business. Thi... Read more

Having Conviction in Yourself: How Believing in Your Abilities Can Help You Close More Deals 18th Feb 2023

As a service provider, it can be challenging to stand out in a crowded marketplace. There are likely many other professionals who offer similar services to what you do, and it can be difficult to differentiate yourself and convince potential clients that you are the best choice for their needs. However, having conviction in yourself and knowing that you are the best service provider in your trade can give you a competitive edge and help you close more deals. What is conviction, and why is it important? Conviction is the belief in your abiliti... Read more

Beyond the Plan: The Importance of Effective Business Plan Execution 17th Feb 2023

As a small business owner, creating a business plan is one of the most important steps in launching and growing your business. However, it's not just about having a good plan - it's about executing that plan effectively. Here are some key parts of good business plan execution, along with an inspiring voice to help you stay motivated and focused. Stay Focused on Your Vision The first step in executing your business plan is to stay focused on your vision. Your vision is the driving force behind your business, and it's what will keep you mot... Read more

5 Ways to Keep Your Employees Happy (Without Breaking the Bank) 8th Aug 2022

  Happy employees make for profitable businesses.   When your team feels settled and fulfilled in their jobs: They take ownership of your company’s success and contribute in proactive ways. They inspire and support one another. They actively learn and grow in their roles. They stay.   I have no better example of this than Miri:     Miri started out as a secretary, but really she was a rockstar in the making. Miri was exactly what you want in an employee. She was self-motivated, disciplined, and... Read more

5 Ways a Mission Statement Makes Money for Your Business 28th Jul 2022

  A mission statement is not a pile of extra words you put on your website to make it feel more complete.   It’s not a bunch of feel-good fluff to make customers feel like you stand for something.   No, a mission statement is a tool for focusing your company, focusing your team, and affirming the true value of your services. And you know what you get when you do all those things?   Money. Way more money than you can ever hope for if you don’t do those things.   If you tend to think of a mission st... Read more

Proactive vs. Reactive Leadership: What’s the Difference and Who Cares? 20th Jul 2022

  I talk about proactive versus reactive leadership a lot. A ton. If you’ve been following this blog, this is definitely not the first time you’re hearing about this topic.   And because this concept is so essential to strong leadership, I wanted to give you a more in-depth look at it. I’ll explain the differences between proactive and reactive leadership, clarify the ways in which they can help or hinder your business, and give you tips for shifting your mindset.   But first, I’d like to make one v... Read more