5 Mindset Shifts to Improve Your Leadership Skills 17th Nov 2021

  Leadership skills begin within.    That might sound cheesy if you’re not the look-within type. But it’s no less true.   The stories we tell ourselves about our reality influence the choices we make and the way we communicate with our team. If you perceive something as a disaster, you’ll treat it like a disaster. And your team will respond with fear, anxiety, or distraction.   On the other hand, if you perceive the same situation as an opportunity for growth, your team will be right there wit... Read more

Are You Standing in the Way of Your Own Business Growth? 11th Nov 2021

Now is the time when business owners start taking stock of how far they’ve come and start setting new goals for a new year.   It’s also a time when a lot of entrepreneurs make plans to abandon their hard-earned success to chase something less promising.   They don’t mean to do it. They just don’t realize they’re doing it. But it happens. A lot. I’ve done it myself. And it’s entirely possible you’re about to make the same mistake.   Before you dismiss this theory, ask yoursel... Read more

How to Find Success by Visualizing Your Future 2nd Nov 2021

  A lot of new business owners think the secret of how to find success is relentless, merciless, hard work.   I’d say this perception is especially true among tradespeople-turned-entrepreneurs. And for good reason. We’re practical people. If you have a trade background, you’ve gotten far by working hard and by bringing everything you’ve got to the work you do.   Here’s the issue.    Yes, hard work is necessary for building a strong, thriving business.   But only if you&rsquo... Read more

How to Lead with Confidence: A Guide for Business Owners 22nd Oct 2021

  Lead with confidence.   If you’re a business owner—or an aspiring business owner—this is probably something you dream of doing every day.   Who doesn’t want the certainty that comes with confidence…   ...the knowledge that it’ll all work out? That your path is right? That everything is under control?   Who doesn’t want to be the leader who instills a sense of security in their team?    The problem is, as a business owner, you have to: Handle tasks ou... Read more

4 Steps for Turning a Big Problem into a Fresh Start for Your Business 14th Oct 2021

I’m going to take a wild guess and say you’re probably facing a challenge in your business right now.   We’re pretty much always running up against some obstacle in our careers. It doesn’t matter what you do or how far you’ve advanced—there will always be a new difficulty to overcome.   Now, this sounds like it would be one of the biggest downsides to being a business owner. Confronting new challenges every day? Constantly facing our own shortcomings and opposing forces? Sounds exhausting, rig... Read more

Your 2022 Business Plan: It’s Time to Start Strategizing 5th Oct 2021

What is your single greatest business goal for 2022?    If you don’t know, it’s time to start thinking.   If you do know, it’s time to start planning.    For a lot of business owners, October isn’t exactly a time of new beginnings. There is a tendency to see this final quarter as our last big push for the year... especially for those of us in the restoration industry. We’re getting through hurricane season, wildfire season… preparing for the season of burst pipes and ice dam... Read more