Rock-Solid Discipline: 4 Secrets to Fully Committing and Getting Ahead 21st Apr 2022

Honest question:   Did you make sure no one could see your screen before you clicked on a self-discipline article?   Discipline is a quality entrepreneurs take a lot of pride in, which means it’s also really uncomfortable to admit when we’re not showing up for our dreams the way we want to.   We’re supposed to be relentlessly driven, right? We’re supposed to be customer obsessed, work obsessed, and determined to succeed. Aren’t these qualities natural to every business owner?   Natural... Read more

7 Numbers You Must Know if You Want to Grow Your Business 14th Apr 2022

  If growing your business is your top priority, pause and ask if you know your numbers.   The number of leads coming in. How many leads you’re closing. Your return on investment for marketing. Break even numbers. Profit margins. Any number that gives you a concrete understanding of what’s going on in your business.    You need to be on top of these metrics. But so few business owners actually are.   I think it’s the nature of the home services business. Many of us transitioned from tradespers... Read more

10 Questions to Ask Before Committing to a Business Partner 7th Apr 2022

  Can you build your vision faster by bringing on a business partner?   I get this question from entrepreneurs all the time.   Wait. No. Scratch that. I don’t get that question. I get aspiring business owners excitedly telling me they’ve found the perfect business partner.   Or they’ve been approached by someone who has a great idea or opportunity and wants to bring them onboard.   Don’t get me wrong: this can be really great news. If you find a business partner who is a great fit for... Read more

How Do I Know if I Can Afford to Hire an Employee? 30th Mar 2022

  Every business owner is familiar with that chicken-or-egg hiring question.   Do I need to hire so I can increase revenue, or do I need to increase revenue so I can afford to hire?   The simple answer is “yes.”   Not helpful, I know.   But it’s true!    There comes a time in your business when you’re not going to grow without bringing on new team members. And I’m a huge proponent of investing back into your business. Even if you’re not flatlining, you should al... Read more

7 Ways to Become a More Creative (and More Effective) Leader 24th Mar 2022

  All effective leaders are creative leaders.    This is not my opinion. It’s a fact.   Consider what we’re actually saying when we characterize someone as creative. We’re usually saying they: Think differently Explore new ideas Build something out of nothing   These are the exact skills you need to adapt to shifting client expectations, resolve operational issues, and turn problems into opportunities.    Creativity is an essential business skill, and the great news is that... Read more

To Make Better Business Decisions, Ask These 5 Questions 16th Mar 2022

  Decision-making is as much a part of a business owner’s life as breathing.   At any given moment, we’re deciding whether to hire a social media specialist, how to handle an angry client, whether or not to approve a raise…   …it’s a lot of pressure a lot of the time.    Even when we delegate decisions to staff, our gears are still turning in the background. What do we think of their decisions? If it goes wrong, what action should we take next? If it goes right, how do we double-... Read more