Leadership Dilemma: When Your Most Difficult Employee is Great for Business 13th Aug 2021

  What do you do with a difficult employee who brings in a lot of money?   I recently had a conversation with a small business owner about this. It echoed countless conversations I’ve had before, including a few tough moments when I had to get real with myself.   This business owner’s conflict goes like this:   He has an employee who is an absolute superstar with estimating, creating a scope of work, and connecting with clients. So, you know… all the skills that lead to more business and more mone... Read more

How to Learn a New Skill When You Don’t Have the Time 5th Aug 2021

Growing your business typically means expanding your knowledge and learning new skills.   But you know that. If you’re like most business owners, you probably find yourself feeling constantly limited by the skills you don’t have. You know your business would grow faster if you understood social media marketing or learned new sales strategies.   But learning new skills takes time… time you don’t have.   And this is the entrepreneur’s catch-22.   Can’t get ahead if you don’t... Read more

How To Be #1: The Trick That Makes Everyone Want To Work With You 29th Jul 2021

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”   You’ve probably heard this quote before. It’s Maya Angelou and it’s super popular...   ...mostly because it’s super true.   And yet, so many entrepreneurs get hung up on the things people forget.   Is the marketing clever enough? Do I have more experience than the competition? Are my techs charming enough, confident enough, fast enoug... Read more

Marketing Message Strategy: How to Be Likable, Memorable, and Trustworthy 16th Jul 2021

  What makes a marketing message strategy powerful?    What can you say in your advertising to make buyers remember you, trust you, and even feel excited about the idea of working with you?   I’ll give you a hint: you won’t find the answer on your competitor’s website.   When my own team proved to be really strong in the area of marketing, we created our own marketing company. That enterprise gave me the unique opportunity to discuss messaging strategy with a lot of entrepreneurs.   ... Read more

Want to Grow Your Business to $1 Million? Go Deep, Not Wide. 8th Jul 2021

The other day, I had a conversation with an entrepreneur who was eager to boost his revenue from $400,000 to $1,000,000.   Like many business owners—including my younger self—he was stuck on the idea of “going wide”—creating a new income stream by opening a second business.    This was not the first time I’ve talked through this idea with a fellow entrepreneur. Most entrepreneurs have a strong instinct to grow their revenue through new businesses instead of doing more with the business th... Read more

9 Signs You’re Ready to Start Your Own Business 1st Jul 2021

  Do you know what most aspiring entrepreneurs worry about when deciding whether or not to start their own business?   It’s not the cost of getting started.    It’s not the market.    It’s themselves.   I know this. I have worked with many prospective franchisees and new franchisees who have struggled to trust their own readiness. And as a fellow human being, I know this:   It’s hard to trust ourselves to succeed at things we’ve never tried.   But I’... Read more