You’re Right: Your Employees Can Do Better. But They’re Not The Problem. 17th May 2021

  “No matter what I try, I can’t seem to motivate my employees.”   I heard this from a 911 Restoration franchise owner recently. In truth, I hear it from a lot of small business owners.    “They’re not proactive.”    “They’re not problem-solving.”    “It’s like they don’t care if we go under.”   If you’ve been in this position with your own team, you probably also know the aggravation of dealing with a de... Read more

Book Excerpt: The Power of Customer-Obsessed Marketing 10th May 2021

(Note: This week's blog post is an excerpt from my latest book, Marketing to Humans: A Customer-Obsessed Strategy to Drive Connection and Sales)   Every single purchase we make is about filling a need. It may not be a real need. It may only be something we think we require in order to live a safe or fulfilled life. But real or not, every single time we put down money in exchange for goods or services, we are hoping the thing we buy will make our lives better or easier.   A compression sleeve to alleviate knee pain. A car with mo... Read more

Emotional DNA: The Invisible Force Standing Between You and Your Business Goals 4th May 2021

  What happens when someone asks about your business goals? Are you able to give your answer quickly and confidently? Or is there a slight feeling of shame… like you’re reaching for something you don’t deserve?   Do you give the real answer? Or do you hide your bigger ambitions and claim a goal that feels more “grounded”?   If you’ve already found some success with your business, how did you feel when others noticed? Did you enjoy showing friends and family your new car or house? Were you... Read more

Want to Grow Your Business? This is Where Your Focus Should Be. 26th Apr 2021

When people complain to me that they’re struggling to grow their business, they often launch into a rant about everything that’s not working in their life and business.   This guy is sick of dealing with a technician who is constantly late. That guy can only seem to move his low-profit products. Another business owner knows that at this rate, her kids will have to take out loans to pay for college.   In short, everyone can tell me what they don’t want. But when I ask what they do want?   Crickets.  ... Read more

How to Start a Business Built for Success: A Shockingly Simple Formula 19th Apr 2021

The toughest thing about starting a business is… well, starting the business. It's so easy to get locked in prep mode, not wanting to begin until you can be 100% certain of the outcome. If you're like a lot of would-be entrepreneurs, you might be waiting until you know you're  prepared for every eventuality, until you feel like a full-fledged expert. The only problem?  All of this is impossible.  While you should create a business plan and form a clear vision and strategy for your new business, you also have to accep... Read more

5 Questions You Should Ask Before Creating Your Marketing Strategy 12th Apr 2021

You understand the importance of a strong marketing strategy. There is no business if there are no customers. Without clients, there is no house upgrade, no college fund for your kids, no business growth that ultimately allows you to step away for off-roading adventures or island vacations. As an entrepreneur, you know that everything you’re trying to build depends on your ability to earn the trust of buyers. But does your marketing strategy reflect this knowledge? So many business owners fall into the habit of slapping their logo on e... Read more