9 Daily Habits for Success that Take 5 Minutes or Less


You already know all the key habits for success, right?


You have to read up on your industry for at least an hour a day. You need a committed workout routine. You should be making x number of cold calls, attending x number of conventions, and making time to inspire your employees to become leaders.




First of all: yes to all of this. All the things I mentioned above are extremely valuable to your productivity and long-term success.


But it’s also overwhelming to think about these things when your business is brand new… when it’s just you, a truck, and an urgent need to just book as many jobs as possible as quickly as possible.


So if Warren Buffett’s habit of reading 500 pages a day doesn’t seem realistic to you right now, don’t sweat it. As your business grows, so will your opportunities to dig deep on those big moves that result in monumental change.


In the meantime, know this:


Small habits also lead to big results.


Because it’s the small choices you make each day that define your mindset, your attitude, and your ability to connect with your team and clients.


I am going to share 9 essential habits I still do every day to keep myself in the right headspace to seize opportunity and make an impact. 


Every single one of these things can be done in five minutes or less. You don’t have to add them all to your routine today. In fact, please don’t. They won’t stick if you do. Just establish one new habit at a time. You’ll see the difference in time.

Morning Habits Define Your Day


One quick note: You’ll notice that most of the success habits I list below are part of my morning routine.


This is because your morning shapes your entire day. The choices you make in the first hour after waking up define your perspective, attitude, and energy levels. 


To get the absolute most out of small habits, start by focusing on your morning routine.


Habit 1: Three Minutes of Appreciation


Before I even get out of bed—and definitely before I touch my phone—I take three minutes of appreciation.


When I do this, I’m not “counting my blessings.” I’m actually experiencing the object of gratitude in my mind. 


I hear my children’s laughter. I feel the heartbeat that keeps me alive. I see those orange 911 Restoration trucks rolling through streets I have never set foot on, bringing my vision of a Fresh Start to devastated homeowners I will never even meet.


This moment of quiet appreciation helps me focus my mind on the positive, seeing the abundance and opportunity that is already around me. This mindset sets me up for success much better than if I started the day obsessing over the things I don’t have yet.

Habit 2: Raise Your Pulse


That long morning workout is great if you can swing it. But if you can’t, just aim for raising your pulse as soon as you get up. Jog in place, do a couple HIIT exercises, whatever. Just get moving.


I take exactly two minutes to do this every morning. That’s it. Two minutes. While this does not encompass my entire fitness routine, it is a great way to care for my body, get my blood flowing, boost energy, and start on a positive note.


Studies have also shown that when you work movement into your morning, you’re likely to move more throughout the day. And effective entrepreneurs are movers.


Habit 3: Hydrate & Nourish


Before I reach for the coffee, I drink a green juice or water with lime. 


By drinking green juice or water first, I get my body into an alkaline state before introducing the acidity of coffee. That’s a fancy way of saying I avoid inflammation and feel better.


And when you feel in top condition, you accomplish more with deeper focus and conviction.

Habit 4: Deep Breathing


Your breath is one of the most powerful tools you have. Deep, focused breathing quiets your mind, calms your nervous system, and returns your attention to your body.


By feeling yourself in your body, you remind yourself that this present moment is what’s real… that the fears and worries piling up in your head are just things your mind made up.


There are a ton of different breathing techniques out there, but you can start simple. Just breathe deep, in and out. Listen to your breath. Feel it in your body.


It only takes about a minute of this to feel more clear-headed, grounded, and energized. No thirty-minute meditation session necessary.


Habit 5: Stretching


I try to dedicate about ten minutes to stretching every morning, but five minutes will work, too. Again, it’s about giving yourself that moment to be fully attuned to the present moment.


Plus, stretching helps us prepare our bodies for the physical demands of the day ahead. This is especially important as we get older. 

Habit 6: Write Down Goals & Intentions


I’d even go a step further and suggest writing out worries, dilemmas, victories, personal philosophies… all of it. 


Writing out your thoughts helps you recognize patterns in attitude and behavior. It allows you to truly confront negative beliefs that hold you back. It becomes a tool for testing new ideas and opening your mind to new possibilities.


But if this all sounds like a lot, start small. Write what you are working towards. Write down the concrete goals you have this year, this quarter, this month, and this week. Choose a specific intention for today. 


Then keep that written record somewhere where you can see it all day long so you stay on track.


Studies have shown time and again that we are more likely to achieve our goals when we write them down. So keep recording them and keep thinking about them.


Habit 7: Stop to Breathe… Again


Don’t just save conscious breathing for the morning. Establish a habit of stopping to take three deep breaths every time you are confronted by the unexpected. 


An employee makes a major error. You lose a job. You're offered an opportunity you’re not sure about.


Stop. Breathe. Ground yourself in the moment. Respond with clarity instead of responding reactively.

Habit 8: Move


Establish a habit of re-energizing with movement instead of caffeine or sugar. A few jumping jacks, a walk around the office, another round of stretching… just move.


This not only helps you energize without crashing later, it also helps you build a stronger, more resilient body.


And—I cannot stress this enoughyou cannot perform your best mentally and emotionally if you are not at your best physically.


Habit 9: Reflect


Finally, work a reflection habit into the end of every day, whether it’s after work or right before bed.


You might enjoy a moment of appreciation for the good things that happened today. Or you could choose a moment or decision from the day and ask yourself what you might do differently next time. Maybe you take a couple moments to celebrate a small step forward.


The goal is to build up a growth mindset… to get in the habit of seeing every situation as an opportunity bursting with possibility.


In fact, many of these success habits are designed with this purpose in mind. 


If you have energy, focus, and a desire to grow, there is nothing you cannot do.


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Created: 29th Sep 2021