The Business Owner’s Ridiculously Simple Guide to Smart Decision-Making 3rd Jun 2021

  As an entrepreneur, you need a smart decision-making strategy. You need to be able to pass this strategy on to your leadership team.   And this is the heart of a smart decision-making strategy:   Never do it alone.   I have been discussing this idea with my own team a lot recently. There are so many great ideas popping around 911 Restoration HQ. Our staff is passionate, proactive, and full of incredible ideas… from new marketing strategies to ways we can serve our franchisees.   It’s very impor... Read more

3 Pillars of a Successful Life 27th May 2021

If you do an Internet search for “how to have a successful life,” you’ll find endless tips on attitude, habits, prioritizing, and time management.   Get up early. Ask questions. Find a mentor. Use a project management app. Don’t use apps at all.   There is so much advice out there. A lot of it is very good. And you can find a ton of these detail-level tips right here, on this blog, written by me.    But to find true success—true abundance, fulfillment, and growth—you really only ne... Read more

Peeling the Onion: Create a Clear Vision for Your Business and Yourself 24th May 2021

An entrepreneur is someone who is driven relentlessly by a razor sharp vision.   Or this is what all the motivational speakers and inspiring memes tell us. If you are an entrepreneur, it means you are propelled forward by a powerful internal force… by a passion, a desire to build, a crystal clear image of a world transformed by your work.   Right?   Listen. I’ve worked with a lot of entrepreneurs, and many of them don’t have that clarity of vision. They are stumbling towards a vague idea of success, and... Read more

You’re Right: Your Employees Can Do Better. But They’re Not The Problem. 17th May 2021

  “No matter what I try, I can’t seem to motivate my employees.”   I heard this from a 911 Restoration franchise owner recently. In truth, I hear it from a lot of small business owners.    “They’re not proactive.”    “They’re not problem-solving.”    “It’s like they don’t care if we go under.”   If you’ve been in this position with your own team, you probably also know the aggravation of dealing with a de... Read more

Book Excerpt: The Power of Customer-Obsessed Marketing 10th May 2021

(Note: This week's blog post is an excerpt from my latest book, Marketing to Humans: A Customer-Obsessed Strategy to Drive Connection and Sales)   Every single purchase we make is about filling a need. It may not be a real need. It may only be something we think we require in order to live a safe or fulfilled life. But real or not, every single time we put down money in exchange for goods or services, we are hoping the thing we buy will make our lives better or easier.   A compression sleeve to alleviate knee pain. A car with mo... Read more

Emotional DNA: The Invisible Force Standing Between You and Your Business Goals 4th May 2021

  What happens when someone asks about your business goals? Are you able to give your answer quickly and confidently? Or is there a slight feeling of shame… like you’re reaching for something you don’t deserve?   Do you give the real answer? Or do you hide your bigger ambitions and claim a goal that feels more “grounded”?   If you’ve already found some success with your business, how did you feel when others noticed? Did you enjoy showing friends and family your new car or house? Were you... Read more