How to Win: Jumpstart a Cycle of Business Success 12th May 2022

  Despite what you may have been told, winning is everything.   Don’t get me wrong: we do learn a lot by losing. It’s also true that nobody succeeds without failing. Look at any billionaire’s professional past—even their present—and you’ll see mountains of failure.   So, yes, missteps and tough lessons are important.   But while a loss educates you, a win energizes you. It widens your sense of possibility and helps you launch into the next challenge with courage and positivity. &... Read more

How to Sell with Conviction and Massively Increase Revenue 5th May 2022

  I cannot believe this is my first post on how to get better at sales.   This topic comes up constantly in my work with home services business owners. People in our field often come to entrepreneurship through their experience with the trade. No one taught us how to be business people.   We were taught how to do quality work and serve our neighbors.   A lot of the business owners I work with associate sales with greed or deception. It feels slimy to them.   And while this feeling is incredibly common in our... Read more

12 Ways to Unlock New Opportunities for Your Business 28th Apr 2022

It’s so easy to find new opportunities to innovate, connect with buyers, and increase revenue.   Easier than you probably realize.Sometimes it can feel like the whole world is working against you. But here’s the truth:   You are constantly drowning in opportunities.   They’re everywhere.   And you might hate what I’m about to say, but I strongly encourage you to just entertain this idea, at least for the length of this article.   If you want to find new opportunities to grow your busi... Read more

Rock-Solid Discipline: 4 Secrets to Fully Committing and Getting Ahead 21st Apr 2022

Honest question:   Did you make sure no one could see your screen before you clicked on a self-discipline article?   Discipline is a quality entrepreneurs take a lot of pride in, which means it’s also really uncomfortable to admit when we’re not showing up for our dreams the way we want to.   We’re supposed to be relentlessly driven, right? We’re supposed to be customer obsessed, work obsessed, and determined to succeed. Aren’t these qualities natural to every business owner?   Natural... Read more

7 Numbers You Must Know if You Want to Grow Your Business 14th Apr 2022

  If growing your business is your top priority, pause and ask if you know your numbers.   The number of leads coming in. How many leads you’re closing. Your return on investment for marketing. Break even numbers. Profit margins. Any number that gives you a concrete understanding of what’s going on in your business.    You need to be on top of these metrics. But so few business owners actually are.   I think it’s the nature of the home services business. Many of us transitioned from tradespers... Read more

10 Questions to Ask Before Committing to a Business Partner 7th Apr 2022

  Can you build your vision faster by bringing on a business partner?   I get this question from entrepreneurs all the time.   Wait. No. Scratch that. I don’t get that question. I get aspiring business owners excitedly telling me they’ve found the perfect business partner.   Or they’ve been approached by someone who has a great idea or opportunity and wants to bring them onboard.   Don’t get me wrong: this can be really great news. If you find a business partner who is a great fit for... Read more