How to Market Your Business When You Hate Selling Yourself 17th Feb 2022

You hate marketing.   Or at least you think you do.    The thought of blowing your own horn gives you chills. You think of “good marketers” as people who are manipulative or slick.    You just want to do a good job for people. You want to be honest, reliable, skillful… and you wish your work could just speak for itself.   Is any of this accurate? Can you relate to these feelings?   A lot of small business owners can, especially business owners in the home services industry. Every... Read more

6 Ways to Fuel Your Business Goals 2nd Feb 2022

When I meet a business owner, I can tell right away if they’re destined for success or in for a major struggle.   It has nothing to do with their charisma or an aura of authority. It’s about energy.   Are they alert and active? Can I feel their enthusiasm and passion? Are they communicating curiosity and demonstrating a sincere desire to discover, experiment, and learn?   Or are they worn down and just trying to get themselves through another challenging day?   It’s so, so easy to get locked into... Read more

6 Secrets for Building a Business that Works for YOU 27th Jan 2022

The moment you decided to start your own business, you knew one thing for certain:   It would be a lot of work.   In fact, you probably assumed that work would occupy your every waking hour for the first couple years.    Discipline and commitment are the strengths almost all business owners share. Those qualities are how we survive. But sometimes we get absorbed in that hustle mindset—so stuck on the belief that business is all about striving—that we forget the greater vision.   I’m going to... Read more

Who’s the Expert: Your Gut, Your Advisors, or Your Metrics? 20th Jan 2022

  Business owners get a lot of mixed messages when it comes to where you should place your trust.    You’re told to trust your gut … that you’re the true expert when it comes to your business.    But also, you shouldn’t be so sure of yourself that you ignore the guidance of your mentors and advisory board.    But also, the numbers tell the real truth, so listen to them above all else.   I know. It’s confusing. Let me assure you, even though all these ideas sound c... Read more

If You Want to Lead Effectively, This Should Be Your Top Priority 13th Jan 2022

  The most effective leaders all share the same priority.    Every single one.   It doesn’t matter where they are in their business journey. It doesn’t matter what their industry is, what their goals are, or how many people report to them.   They are all leading leading happy, effective teams because they are centering one thing in their approach to leadership:   Fulfillment.   Effective leaders are driven by whatever purpose fills them with joy and makes them feel whole. They see thei... Read more

Are You Using the Best Goal Setting Strategy for Your Business? 6th Jan 2022

Your goal setting strategy is as important as your goal achieving strategy.   It’s true.   So many business owners fall short of their objectives, give up on their dreams, and stay stuck because they didn’t know how to choose the right goals at the right time.   It’s not that they aimed too high. In all honesty, I believe a lot of small business owners aim too low when it comes to long-term goals.   No, the real issue is that we tend to define our goals in limited terms… terms that don&rsqu... Read more