Read This If You’re Worried That Following a Dream is Selfish

No one wants to crush a loved one’s dream.


And yet, many aspiring business owners have had people in their lives who have encouraged them to reconsider an ambition.


It could be the parent who warns them that they’re unlikely to succeed. Or the friend who thinks the journey will be miserable. Maybe it’s the spouse who’s worried about losing financial security or quality time together.


There are many reasons people close to you might discourage you from building the business you want to build. But one major “reason” would-be business owners hold back is the fear that following their dream is selfish.


You might be especially prone to this fear if you have a family or if you’re starting to think about caring for aging parents. Aspiring entrepreneurs can expect to put in long hours and live on a thin budget when their business is young. If others depend on you, your sacrifice becomes their sacrifice, too.


And if those same people are warning you that your dreams are “impractical” or “unrealistic,” it can start to feel like what they really mean is “selfish.” 


For anybody with a solid heart and a deep love for others, the fear of being selfish is real. I have seen people put off their greatest longings for decades because they didn’t want to be the kind of person who lives only for themselves.


What I wish more dreamers knew is that following a dream is never selfish. Here’s why.


Your Passion Has a Purpose

Passion is a superpower.


Not a perk. Not an indulgence. Not a bonus.


It is a force for good.


When you are passionate about what you do, you give it your best. You find it easier to rise to challenges, face your fears, and keep moving forward through setbacks. 


You’re also happier, and everyone benefits from that. When we find enjoyment in our work, we tend to be less irritable, less reactive, warmer to others, and even inspiring.


Our society profoundly undervalues passion for the sake of practicality, but there is nothing impractical about investing your energy into something that matters deeply to you. You will always do your best work when you follow what you love.


This means greater success—which benefits your family and team—and a better attitude when serving your community. Trust me. Your joy does more for the world than your burnout.


Your Strengths Can Change the World

Odds are, your dream business involves you putting your greatest skill to work in the world in the best possible way.


If you’re great at giving people peace of mind in a crisis, imagine how much good you could do when you run your own property restoration business


Don’t get me wrong: you can also do a lot of good working as a tech in someone else’s business. But when you’re the owner, your reach goes so much further. Not only do you touch countless lives personally, but you’re also surrounded by a team that is there to learn from you and follow your guidance. You can build your own peace-of-mind army.


Your passion and your strength show you how you can be a force for good in your own unique way. Follow that vision. It’s powerful.


Your Success Benefits Other People, Too

When you win, the people around you win, too.


Think about it.


Your success means you have more resources to support your family, fund meaningful vacations, help your kids explore their own dreams… you name it.


You also become a job creator. In this way, you’re able to help other people support their families.


And never underestimate the power of showing other people what’s possible. Your friends, your employees, your kids, your community… they’re all watching you. When they see you pursue a passion and serve your community with kindness, it inspires them. 


Finally, if you’re someone who’s worried about selfishness, you’re probably someone who cares a lot about making life better for other people. This means you’re someone who is inclined to use money as a tool for good.


Have you ever wished you could give more to a cause you care about? Or wished you could lend a financial hand to a struggling friend?


If you’re a naturally giving person now, the only thing that changes when you become a successful business owner is that you become a giving person who has more to give.


You Are Responsible for Your Life

You’ve been given this one life. You’re here with a specific set of talents, a natural passion, your own values, and an inner voice guiding you along your own unique path.


Those are incredibly precious gifts. But in our society, we dismiss them all the time.


Nobody is the better for it.


It is entirely up to you to turn the gifts you’ve been given into a meaningful life. A life that brings you fulfillment, challenges you, and teaches you to grow. A life that allows you to serve others using the best of yourself, rather than twisting and conforming to some idea of what serving others “should” look like.


It’s absolutely fine if business ownership is not right for you. It’s not everybody’s dream.


But if it is where your inner voice is guiding you, then following that path is not selfish. It’s responsible, loving, and brave.


Get out there and become the person you were meant to be.


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Created: 9th Jun 2022