6 Ways to Fuel Your Business Goals

When I meet a business owner, I can tell right away if they’re destined for success or in for a major struggle.


It has nothing to do with their charisma or an aura of authority. It’s about energy.


Are they alert and active? Can I feel their enthusiasm and passion? Are they communicating curiosity and demonstrating a sincere desire to discover, experiment, and learn?


Or are they worn down and just trying to get themselves through another challenging day?


It’s so, so easy to get locked into a grind mindset when you run your own business, especially when the business is new. I mean, let’s be honest. Success takes work, especially in those early days.


But if your entire identity as a business owner is built around self-neglect—if you think you can’t afford to take care of your body or nurture your mind—you’ll never discover your true potential.


Here’s the truth:


You can’t afford not to take time for physical and mental self-care. Because if you’re yawning, slumping, and barely getting through the day, you don’t have what you need to pursue your goals with conviction.


You won’t be able to inspire a team. Prospective clients and partners won’t look at you and think, “That’s the kind of person I want to work with.”


Here are six easy ways you can become the energetic powerhouse you need to become.

#1: Spark Creative Thought


Business isn’t just a game of numbers and practical strategies. Your success as a leader depends on your ability to tap into creative thinking.


Creative thought is what allows you to dream up new marketing campaigns or new services. It helps you solve problems and discover the opportunity in every challenge


And when you approach your job with a spirit of playfulness, you enjoy your work a whole lot more. You feel curious, engaged, and energized.


So how do you inspire creative thinking within yourself? It’s actually pretty easy! Just find new ways to coax your mind out of its old routines. This could be things like:

  • Taking a different route home.
  • Listening to new music.
  • Taking a short walk and actively noticing the different birds in your neighborhood.
  • Reading a book that expresses views or experiences different from your own.
  • Trying a new hobby for a couple hours on the weekend.


It doesn’t have to be a major project. Just find small ways to shift out of autopilot.

#2: Find More Ways to Move


Physical fitness is, of course, key for physical energy. But don’t worry—if you don’t already have a workout routine, you don’t have to start with adding an hour of HIIT to your morning routine.


Just focus on moving more than you have been.


This might mean playing a game of tag with your kids in the evening, doing ten minutes on your stationary bike, or even just making small changes like parking a block away or taking the stairs instead of the elevator.


Also consider replacing your afternoon coffee with an afternoon walk. We tend to reach for the chemicals and sugar when we feel the slump, but movement is a much more effective afternoon energizer.

#3: Eat to Win


What you put in your body is so important.


If you start every day with a glass of water or green juice before your coffee, I guarantee you’ll find you need less coffee than you used to.


If you start adding more greens to your diet and pulling back on the red meat, you’ll probably start to feel the difference after a week or so.


Again, it’s not about overhauling your entire diet overnight. Start with small changes and build on those changes over time.

#4: Make Space


More specifically, make space in your mind.


Mental clutter exhausts us. It drags us down and holds us back.


If you can find clarity, you’ll also find mental energy. You’ll find it much easier to tap into that creative thinking you’ve worked so hard to cultivate. And—this is important—you’ll be able to keep focus on your long-term vision when short-term situations threaten to distract you.


How do you make space in your mind?


Honestly, a lot of practice. It’s not easy. But, as always, you can start with small steps. 


I’m a huge fan of daily meditation. It doesn’t have to be half an hour of sitting quietly. Even five or ten minutes is better than nothing, and you can find tons of great guides free on YouTube. 


If you’re not ready for meditation, look for other ways to step back from the mess and focus on the present moment. Close your eyes at your desk and count ten breaths. Go for a walk and focus on the sounds you hear or how the ground feels beneath your feet. 


You can even practice building clarity by working within your pre-existing routines. Instead of thinking ahead to your busy day as you brew your morning coffee, focus on the moment. Listen to the sound of your grinder, smell the beans, watch the dark liquid fill your cup.


Be here. Be clear. Be energized.

#5: Rest


Sleeping only four hours a night is not necessarily a good thing.


I know it’s hard to prioritize sleep when there’s so much to do. It feels like lost time.


But when you’re well-rested, you’re more productive. You’re better at prioritizing, problem-solving, and motivating your team. 


And—you got it—you’re more energetic. You’re ready to make bold moves because both mind and body are rested.


Get some sleep.

#6: Practice Appreciation


Do not underestimate the power of this tip.


Take time every single day to practice appreciation.


I do this for three minutes every morning before I even get out of bed. I give myself this short, quiet moment, to visualize the things I appreciate in my life. It could be my family, my team, my career, the meal I shared with friends the night before… whatever. 


This practice fills me with a constant sense of possibility. It makes me better at seeing the opportunities that surround me. It helps me start each day from the perspective that there is already so much to be excited about.


And really, this is at the heart of finding energy as a business owner. It’s a matter of seeing, celebrating, and preparing to seize the endless opportunities that come with building a business for yourself.


You don’t have to try all six tactics today. Pick one. Make a change. 


And fuel your Fresh Start.


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Created: 2nd Feb 2022