9 Signs You’re Ready to Start Your Own Business


Do you know what most aspiring entrepreneurs worry about when deciding whether or not to start their own business?


It’s not the cost of getting started. 


It’s not the market. 


It’s themselves.


I know this. I have worked with many prospective franchisees and new franchisees who have struggled to trust their own readiness. And as a fellow human being, I know this:


It’s hard to trust ourselves to succeed at things we’ve never tried.


But I’ll tell you what else I’ve learned since franchising 911 Restoration.


Most aspiring entrepreneurs are actually much more prepared than they think they are. They already have the skills that are essential for success. Their heads and hearts are in the right place to turn a dream into a reality.


And this is probably true for you, too.


Based on my own experience observing the successes of new entrepreneurs, these are the top signs you’re ready to start your own business:



1. You always want to be better today than you were yesterday. 


This is that growth mindset I’m always talking about. Self-improvement isn’t just a project for you; it’s a way of life. You enjoy expanding your abilities and challenging your own assumptions. 


If you approach work with a strong curiosity and a desire to stretch yourself, you’re in the perfect spot to grow a business.


2. You care about making an impact.


It’s just not in your nature to run out the clock. Even when you worked that snow cone stand in high school, you wanted to make customers smile. No matter what you’re doing, you see the meaning in it, and you genuinely want the work you do to be the bright spot in someone’s day.


3. You’re confident… 


...but maybe not in the way you’d expect. A confident leader is not one who is always sure that he’s right. It’s not the guy who thinks he’s good at everything, either. A confident leader is one who knows his own mind but is tough enough to put his ego aside when someone else on his team knows better.


4. You believe there’s a better way. 


Maybe it’s a more efficient system or a customer whose needs weren’t truly met because the person in charge didn’t see what you saw. You have an instinct to raise the standards of your field… the very definition of “innovative.”

5. You’re willing to sit with discomfort.


You don’t shy away from self-examination. And you’d rather expand your comfort zone than stay safe inside it. It’s not that you’re fearless; it’s that you’re willing to feel afraid. You know that embracing struggle today makes your path easier in the long run.


6. You show up for yourself. 


You wake up for that morning run because you know it will make you feel better. You took the time to learn a new skill because you knew it would make you eligible for a raise. You invest in your future daily, because you know your future is worth it.


7. You see the potential in others.


You admire the strengths you see in friends and colleagues, especially when they’re different from your own. You’d rather learn from a coworker or collaborate with them than compete with them. When you notice an area of strength in another person, your instinct is to encourage it and nurture it.

8. You see the big picture. 


You look at every opportunity and challenge through a wide angle lens. Even when something is undeniably a problem in the present moment, you zoom out to see the opportunity for growth and learning. 


You’re also better than most at keeping things in perspective. A hiccup today does not spell disaster in the long run. Likewise, a win doesn’t mean it’s time to stop pushing.


9. It’s not about the money… or at least, it’s not just about the money.


Okay, yes: you want the beach house and the trip to the Maldives and the new car in the driveway. 


But it’s not about swimming in a pile of gold coins. 


It’s about living a life of freedom on your own terms. It’s about sharing one-of-a-kind experiences with family and friends. It’s about giving to causes that are important to you, supporting your parents as they age, and engaging with your kids 100% because for once, you’re not distracted by money stress.


These are the things that get you out of bed when the alarm goes off at 5:30 a.m. 


And these things are absolutely, 100% available to you. 


Running a successful business has nothing to do with your educational background or previous entrepreneurial experience. You do not have to be the kind of person who commands a room or thrives on only four hours of sleep a night.


You just need the right attitude and a growth mindset. Armed with these qualities, you have everything necessary for a Fresh Start.

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Created: 1st Jul 2021