How to Find Success by Visualizing Your Future


A lot of new business owners think the secret of how to find success is relentless, merciless, hard work.


I’d say this perception is especially true among tradespeople-turned-entrepreneurs. And for good reason. We’re practical people. If you have a trade background, you’ve gotten far by working hard and by bringing everything you’ve got to the work you do.


Here’s the issue. 


Yes, hard work is necessary for building a strong, thriving business.


But only if you’re working hard at the right things.

You have to optimize your process, employ smart strategies, and focus on getting the biggest ROI for your effort.


And all of this begins with your ability to see your future.


Now, to be clear, I am not saying you can conjure your dream life just by imagining it. There will still be work to do.


But here’s how visualizing your future helps you get ahead.

See It to Become It


In business, we think a lot about what we want to achieve. We calculate our success in numbers, set measurable goals, and promise our families that all those absences on the weekend will pay off in vacations in a couple years.


What we forget to consider is who we need to become in order to achieve what we want to achieve.


And this is the key to finding success.


Focusing on what you want to get without considering who you want to become is like trying to climb Mount Everest by… well… trying to climb Mount Everest.


If you really want to reach the summit, you need to become the type of person who can pull it off. This means a lot of physical training, education in survival skills, and repeated exposure to high altitude. 


By taking the time to grow into a strong and experienced climber, you ensure not only your eventual success, but that you’ll find success soon.


On the other hand, if you just keep showing up at Mount Everest and doggedly climb until you can’t climb anymore, your odds of ever succeeding are next to nothing. 

Envision Your Future Self


If you want to find success, take time to visualize what success looks like. Don’t just fixate on what you’ll have when you're successful. For now, forget about the boat and the big house on the hill. 


Instead, ask yourself: 


This exercise will reveal that when you imagine yourself living your dream life, it’s not just your life that looks different. Most likely, you’re also seeing a new-and-improved version of yourself.


Maybe you’re more confident or operating with greater clarity. Maybe you connect better with your employees, offering them compassion and motivating them to excel. You’re probably a little bolder, a little less worried, and a lot more rested.


This is where you find the key to unlocking new levels of success.


We tend to think of our Future Self as the person we become when we have everything we want to have.


But that’s not how it works. It’s actually the opposite.


That person you visualized in your future… they’re successful because they found clarity, fulfillment in their work, and deeper connections with their team.

So What Does This Mean About Your Journey to Success?


It means the journey begins within.


Sound cheesy? Maybe. But it’s undeniably true.


Nothing else in your life changes until you change.


You can’t discover new heights without learning new skills, forging new relationships, or venturing outside your comfort zone.


If you want the life of a clear-headed entrepreneur, you have to cultivate clarity. 


If you want a powerful team united around a common mission, you have to sharpen your leadership skills and protect morale. 


If you want to reap big rewards, you have to get comfortable with big risks.


Become the kind of person who would have the life you want, and guess what happens?


You get the life you want.


So… who will you become?


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Created: 2nd Nov 2021