What Does It Really Mean to “Get Out of the Truck”?

Most of the franchisees I work with through 911 Restoration did not earn an MBA at the age of 24. They did not spend their early adulthood whining and dining clients or strategizing cutting edge marketing campaigns. 

Instead, they began their careers as tradespeople, serving their community directly with their own time and sweat. 

My career started the same way. In Israel, I worked on my father’s farm. Once I moved to the U.S., I worked for a carpet cleaning business. When I eventually took over that business and took on the responsibility of turning a single carpet cleaning machine into a thriving company, I learned a very difficult lesson.

It’s not enough to become a business owner in name and title. You have to shift your entire mentality

You have to learn to think like an entrepreneur... to make decisions from an entirely new perspective. For those of us who first learned to work with our hands, who learned to value honest labor above a persuasive sales pitch, who were always able to judge the value of our efforts by the smile on a customer’s face and not by the lead close rate… for most current and former tradespeople, thinking like a business owner does not come naturally.

Enter “Get Out of the Truck”

I created Get Out of the Truck to help new and struggling entrepreneurs get out of their tradesperson job and their tradesperson mentality. There is a lot of great business advice out there, and some of it changed my life and helped me build my company into one of the fastest growing franchises in the U.S.

But what I did not find while I was building 911 Restoration was a guide written with a tradeperson’s mentality in mind. Nothing that directly addressed the specific mental habits, fears, and practical needs of a professional trying to make the life-changing transition out of the truck and into the big office.

Get Out of the Truck is an all-encompassing resource designed for you by someone who has been where you’ve been. On this website and in our Facebook group, you will find insight, inspiration, practical tools, video courses, blog content, free ebooks, and opportunities to connect with colleagues and build your community.

You will learn how to:

  • See your true, limitless potential
  • Make clear-eyed decisions, even in the worst of challenges
  • Build a powerful, united team
  • Create a vision, mission, and company culture that guarantees growth and fulfillment
  • Master marketing 
  • Analyze the numbers without losing that personal connection with your clients
  • Stand out among your competitors
  • Design a career that reflects your purpose
  • And much, much more

Above all, Get Out of the Truck exists to serve you. So I also invite you to reach out with your questions or let me know what challenges plague you most at this point in your career. We are constantly updating our content, and we will gladly do whatever it takes to help you get out of the truck and build the business you always dreamed about.

Created: 13th Jan 2021