The Most Effective Method for Growing Your Business

Every business owner dreams of that silver bullet… that one genius marketing strategy that will double your leads. Or that one brilliant product innovation that will set your company apart. That one superstar salesperson who will come on board and turn every lead into an appointment.

Unfortunately, while business owners fantasize about these ideal outcomes, they overlook the most effective tool at their disposal:

Their own ability to grow.

I am living proof that there is no business strategy more powerful than taking the time to evolve as a human being. I cannot tell you how many hours, days, years I wasted trying to achieve more instead of trying to become more. 

Even when my marketing strategies worked, I lost the wealth I earned because deep down, I didn’t believe I deserved it.

Even when I gathered a team of talented professionals, our progress stalled because I let my own shortcomings dictate how I would lead them.

And when I took a heavy hit during the 2009 Recession, I found myself feeling powerless and small because I had been measuring my self-worth according to how much I owned.

My journey of self-development was a turning point not only for me, but for my business. And I have seen my own experience mirrored in the careers of my franchisees and colleagues. The fact of the matter is, you cannot expect real, sustainable business growth without personal transformation.

Why Self-Development is Key 

Imagine you go on a road trip with one leaky tire. It’s a slow leak, so you figure you can go about twenty miles, fill the tire with air, go another twenty miles, fill it with air again, and continue this way until you reach your destination.

You might feel good cruising down the road each time you fill up with air, but the fact of the matter is, you’re not moving as fast as you would if you just, you know, changed the tire. Or at least patched the leak.

We approach our businesses the same way. 

Let’s say a plumber dreams of expanding his business across the state. He struggles with self-doubt, is constantly overwhelmed by his long list of daily responsibilities, and doesn’t really know how to analyze sales metrics. But he tries to keep propelling himself forward through little bursts of inspiration. He creates a PPC ad that boosts his leads, which is exciting until the ad suddenly isn’t performing as well and he doesn’t know how to fix it because he doesn't really understand why it worked in the first place. He creates a referral program that gets him about one new lead a month, which isn’t nothing, but it also isn’t much. He hires a great new marketing specialist but can’t seem to get on the same page with her about his vision.

In other words, little bursts of air instead of the real solution: changing the tire.

Just imagine if he took the time to change himself, to cultivate inner clarity so he knew what he wanted, why he wanted it, and how to get there. Imagine if he learned how to convey these goals to his team, how to analyze the numbers to identify areas of waste and potential growth. Imagine how quickly his company would grow if he himself were better prepared to guide his team and inspire innovation.

You are the support and guide for your team. Your company’s potential depends on your commitment to personal transformation.

Start today by asking yourself who you have to become in order to get where you want to go.

Then decide what needs to change in your life in order to make it happen. 

The journey is hard. But it changes everything.


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Created: 13th Jan 2021